Small scale, local food producers often struggle to make viable livelihoods, even though the food they produce is of vital importance to the health and resilience of their communities. There are a perfect storm of obstacles such as competing in markets dominated by cheap supermarket food, finding secure tenancies, and overheads for seeds and packaging that erode their small profit margins.

To help address this, Bristol Food Producers, a diverse network of local independent growers, farmers, food processors, distributors and restauranteurs based in and around Bristol, are launching a Crowdfunding campaign.

We’re raising funds to support our work over the next year as we transition to being a member-funded organisation. We have exciting plans over this time: producing a series of 12 videos to highlight some of our producers; running a series of skills master classes to up-skill our members; holding quarterly networking event to help create new routes to market; and developing out online forum of asks and offers.

Ped Asgarian, Managing Director of The Community Farm says, “Bristol is a pioneering city with it’s approach to the environment and Bristol Food Producers’ work can play a major part in developing stronger food systems by providing increased resilience, strengthening networks and upscaling local production.”

This is an important time for Bristol Food Producers and we need YOUR help and support to make this all happen. We have a number of exciting rewards from individual and organisational memberships, to farm tours and meals at local restaurants. Pledge your support to bringing more sustainably food to the city through small independent food businesses in Bristol and the surrounding area.