Join Bristol Food Producers today and help Bristol to become a resilient food city with a wealth of fresh, fair, local, and sustainably produced food.

As a diverse network of local, independent growers, farmers, food processors and distributors we are working together to supply our city with great produce. We’d love you to join us and become part of the solution: collaborating and supporting each other by sharing advice and resources to strengthen our local food system and make good, locally produced food more visible and available.

We will work strategically to influence the political landscape, and practically to help our members to overcome shared obstacles. We want to develop a resilient and sustainable local food system by providing food that is good for people, good for Bristol and good for the planet.

Membership is open to food producers, growers, farmers, processors and distributors from within Bristol and beyond, as well as other related and interested organisations and individuals. Our membership builds our solidarity and gives you access to lots of really practical discounts and offers, as well as forums to post asks and offers and collaborate on bulk orders.

If you are interested in signing up more than once (for example if you are involved in a number of local food enterprises) you are entitled to a 50% discount on further memberships. Email to get the discount code.

Download our membership leaflet here and see the links below and the menu to the right for more info and FAQs on benefits and membership levels.

Terms and Conditions of Membership

Level Price  
Producer within 10 miles of Bristol £15.00 per Year. Select
Producer between 11 and 50 miles of Bristol £25.00 per Year. Select
Starter producer £15.00 per Year. Select
Distributor/Retailer £25.00 per Year. Select
Strategic supporter from the Third Sector £15.00 per Year. Select
Strategic business supporter £25.00 per Year. Select
Local food supporter £15.00 per Year. Select
Restaurant/Cafe £25.00 per Year. Select


You can download information on our membership benefits, levels, prices and terms here here or read the pages below: