We want to improve fairness and efficiencies for smaller local food producers in and around Bristol. We are building a more cohesive identity and strength in numbers launched our membership offer at on the 26th November 2015.

Membership is open to food producers, growers, farmers, processors and distributors from within Bristol and beyond, as well as other related and interested organisations and individuals. Anyone can be a member providing they sign up for our terms and membership runs for a year from when you sign up. As we’re a Community Benefit Society (a type of cooperative), £1 of this goes towards you being a registered legal member of Bristol Food Producers.

If you are a food producer or strategic support organisation and are interested in being part of developing Bristol Food Producers then please sign up to the Bristol Food Producer Opportunities Update. You will get invited to any open meetings and will receive a monthly newsletter full of useful information and upcoming opportunities, funding, training and events.


If you are a food producer, processor, distributor, retailer, are looking for land or are a strategic support organisation this is the Opportunities Update … Read more Newsletter

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Join Bristol Food Producers today and help Bristol to become a resilient food city with a wealth of fresh, fair, local, and sustainably produced … Read more Membership

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