Our Members

Barley Wood Kitchen Garden

Using organic principles we grow fruit and veg in and around a beautiful restored Victorian walled garden. Selling to local restaurants,farmers markets and onsite. We also provide local veg boxes. 100% no dig with a view to running course soon. Open to the public all year round.


Barley Wood Orchard

Small scale producers of apple juice and cider made on a traditional manual press. We use apples from local unsprayed orchards, and are based at the Wrington Walled Garden.


Brockley Stores/Public Market

Delicious, fresh, local, ethical. Brockley Stores and The Public Market. We keep our food real local! We’re nuts about real food. A food shop that gives a damn just South of Bristol and in the heart of Easton. We cook, bake, source and create fantastic real food from local farmers, suppliers and producers.


The Community Farm

The Community Farm is a community-owned social enterprise, growing and selling organic food through a box delivery service.
Our aim is to help people develop a better understanding of where their food comes from, reconnect with the land on which their food is grown, and learn more about sustainable farming.
More than 500 local people share ownership of the farm and have a say in how it is run. We lease land near Chew Magna in Somerset, UK, where we grow vegetables and fruit organically.


Edible Bristol

Edible Bristol volunteers cultivate food justice by supporting communities, individuals and businesses to grow food across the city.

No space is too small or too large to cultivate crops to support the communities and citizens of Bristol. From back gardens and allotments to community spaces, parks, and those lost, unloved corners, growing food is an act of defiance, of revolution and system change.

It begins a conversation and brings people together through a shared connection. After all, we all need to eat, so “if you eat, you’re in.”

Across Bristol, over 40 edible gardens in parks, street corners and station platforms have been built and planted with our IncrEdible volunteers and partners. The food that grows there is free for anyone to take and eat. 


Grow Timsbury

Grow Timsbury is a CIC formed in 2021 to develop a community growing project which will support and nurture people’s health and wellbeing and celebrate our local area. Our current aim is to acquire a piece of land where we can support the growing of healthy, sustainable, low cost food, whilst also seeking to improve biodiversity and climate resilience. Training in its widest sense will also be central to what we do.

We are currently seeking a suitable piece of land, in Timsbury, to begin this venture, but in the meantime we have been busy raising awareness of our plans, through attending local events and forming contacts with other growing groups in Bath and North East Somerset. We have also joined forces with a local veg box scheme to run a monthly food stall at the Conygre Hall mini market. Here, we offer free tasters and recipes using in season fruit and vegetables.


Heart of BS13

The Kitchen Garden Enterprise at Heart of BS13 is a market garden specialising in veg boxes and cut flowers. On our small, no-dig, chemical free plot in the middle of Hartcliffe we grow a range of vegetables and seasonal flowers whilst providing horticulture training courses and volunteer opportunities for the people of BS13.


Leigh Court Farm

Established in 1998, Leigh Court Farm is longest-running organic-grower vegetable box scheme in Bristol.  We farm 20 acres of organic land, certified by The Soil Association, and are based 2 miles from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Abbots Leigh.   

We sell our produce through our Vegetable Box Scheme and a Saturday market. Boxes can be ordered for Home Delivery or picked up from any of our Collection Points.   All orders are managed online. You can supplement your order with extra helpings of fresh organic vegetables & fruit, free range eggs and when the sheep and goats are producing, you can add in dairy produce from our local suppliers.


Lush Greens

We are a small vegetable farm (market garden) in Whitchurch, Bristol. We grow a variety of seasonal vegetables using a no-dig system, where the soil is not turned and disturbed to allow the web-of-life underground (worms, bacteria, fungi) to thrive. This leads to healthier and more nutritious vegetables, more above-ground life (insects, birds, reptiles), and allows the soil to sequester more carbon dioxide, helping to tackle climate change.

Not only do we want our vegetables to be eaten as locally as possible to where they are grown, we want to create other benefits to the local community by creating opportunities for local people to come onto the land to connect with each other and with nature, to benefit mental health and tackle social isolation.


Nibley Leaves

Nibley Leaves grow gorgeous mixed salad in a blend of complex seasonal flavours. We focus on mixing flavours, colours and textures to make the tastiest salad combination for each season. This usually includes 15 different varieties of leaf and edible flowers per mix. We include spicy, tangy, bitter and fresh and a range of textures and colours in every mix. Our speciality is a glorious rainbow of edible flowers every summer. We produce salad leaves from March – November and although we are not registered organic, we grow all our food to organic principles, completely pesticide-free.


Poco Tapas Bar

The food and vibe of Poco is punchy and rustic. Our seasonal menu represents a culmination of our world food travel experiences, rolled into one of the most civilised eating and drinking traditions of the world, tapas!

Recipes from our travels… Roasted belly of pork with fennel crackling, homemade Moroccan harissa and our very own chorizo and merguez sausages are all front-runners of our classics menu.

Our tapas has our own British twist as all our fresh meat and seasonal vegetables are generally organic and sourced from just down the road.


Propagation Place

A part of St Werburghs City Farm, Propagation place grow vegetable plug plants for sale online and to the local community. We are committed to following natural chemical free principles where possible and we use the four organic principles of health, ecology, fairness and care as a framework for our growing practice. With our year-round volunteering and training programmes, We aim to remove physical and social barriers to gardening. Through our wheelchair accessible community garden, we provide an environment where people can come to experience a sense of community and alleviate social isolation. Everyone is welcome to come along and get involved. All profits go back into St Werburghs City Farm.


Simply Grow Ltd

Simply Grow provide you with fresh, organic microgreens that are jam-packed with nutrients and vitamins. Our hydroponically grown microgreens are perfect for commercial or domestic clients. You can even grow your own microgreens at home with our home growing kits, gift boxes and organic seeds.


Squatters Roots CIC

Kind on Planets and Palates – Squatter’s Roots is a vertical farming project aimed at utilising “unusable” spaces in Bristol; turning vacant council properties into temporary farms to use for education, community engagement, and carbon abatement.

We are advocating an ethically world conscious attitude towards fresh herb production; kind on planets and palates, striving to prove that exotic flavours do not have to come from exotic places to taste ‘authentic’.

As a socially, and environmentally responsible project, Squatter’s Roots aims to produce high-quality, sustainable crops using vertical farming techniques that require less water, less space, and fewer resources than traditional farming


Tare Restaurant

Small independent restaurant situated within 3 converted shipping containers on Bristol’s Wapping Wharf harbour front


Unusual Edibles

Unusual Edibles has moved & evolved… We’ll begin planting a Permaculture Orchard at Three Hares Farm near Winford in Autumn 2021. It’s going to take a while but our aim is to bring you the best tree and perennial crops via a box scheme as well as opportunities to come to the farm and pick your own.


Upcycled Mushrooms

Upcycled mushrooms is a small scale mushroom farm in Bristol selling a range of exotic and unusual mushrooms for restaurants and cafes. It has been developing a system of seasonal growing to cut out much of the unnecessary energy in maintaining artificial conditions used by many other growers. Although not certified organic, Upcycled Mushrooms grow completely without the use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides. It also uses outdoor fruiting options which complement the plants and wildlife around them by regenerating and building soil fertility and increasing biodiversity. All the mushrooms are produced under natural light conditions, which enables all the nutritional and medicinal benefits of them to fully develop.


Wilding Cider

Vegetable growers and cider makers in Bristol.


Yew Tree Farm

Currently Sustainably produced, free range, low intensity beef production. With the hope to have a small goat milking herd in the very near future.