Who are the different membership levels for?

Becoming a member is simple – you can sign up online and pay via Paypal. There are two membership levels costing just £15 or £25 per year. Choose which one applies to you and click on the link to follow the easy sign-up process.


You are a: A bit more detail… You pay:
Grower or primary producer within 10 miles of the centre of Bristol


A sole-trader/organisation that is trading with a view to making a livelihood, or selling a specific product to contribute to core income. In this latter case a small community orchard pressing apples to make juice/cider is included as a primary food producer regardless of the fact they have very seasonal produce. £15 a year



Trainee, pre-trading food producer/ grower/ farmer/ processor or someone looking for land  A sole-trader/organisation looking to develop contacts and markets (individual) or community gardens who are not producing food for core income, who want to connect their members with future opportunities to scale up (group). £15 a year



Strategic supporter from the Third Sector


Examples include Incredible Edible, Avon Organic Group and small charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations. This category also includes social enterprises who hold land and support productive land partnerships and land-based skills training. £15 a year



Grower or primary producer more than 10 miles from Bristol Growers, farmers and primary food producers supplying Bristol located between 10 and 50 miles (sole-trader/organisation). £25 a year


Wholesaler, distributor or retailer selling within Bristol Wholesalers and distributors selling within Bristol who is trading produce from our members or seeking to source more produce from and for Bristol and within a 50 mile radius (organisations). £25 a year


Strategic business supporters Businesses looking to support the organisation for example Better Food Company and Yeo Valley. £25 a year
Local food supporters Locavores and those passionate about supporting local producers and resilient food systems. You probably try to buy local food and want to be involved in this movement to support our work. £15 a year