Grow Leader course and placements

Summer has truly sprung up here at Feed Bristol – the wildflowers are blooming, the birds are singing and the ponds are full of frogs and newts! With the new season we have released an exciting range of opportunities to get involved in this buzzing project where wildlife and people thrive.
The Grow Leader Course: learn to be a community facilitator
We are thrilled to announce our next Grow Leader Course, which kicks off on the 6th of July. The course is for anyone interested in becoming an effective facilitator for engaging people in ecological land management and food growing. During the 12 sessions, you will learn the skills needed for developing community engagement, as well as a theoretical and practical knowledge of conservation and horticulture.
The teaching will take place at the beautiful Feed Bristol site, a 6 acre oasis of food growing, conservation and community work (BS16 1HB). Spending time on site is a great way of experiencing the running of a successful food growing and conservation project first hand.
For more information on the Grow Leader Course, and to sign up, follow the link below:
What better way to spend your days than on a beautiful site, surrounded by wonderful people, learning about one of the most important things there is – how to encourage resilient and sustainable communities?
Grow Leader Placements: join our team!
Those who want an even richer learning experience should consider applying for a Grow Leader Placement. Successful applicants will join the Grow Leader Course FREE of charge – as well as having the exceptional hands on learning opportunity of working at Feed Bristol 2 days a week.
Grow Leader Placements help us to run the site; facilitating volunteers and assisting the food growing and conservation activities throughout the season. This is a brilliant way of getting work experience whilst enriching and building on the learning from the Grow Leader Course.
If you are interested in becoming a Feed Bristol Grow Leader, follow the link below for further details, the deadline is the 16th June, so get those applications in (interviews 21st June for 6th July start):
feed_bristol_grow_leader_volunteer_role_description.doc . Applicants must be able to commit to 2 days on site a week for 9 months.