Mapping Local Food Webs

Use these links to find out more about local food networks, and to help you explore your own.

These resources will help you build and understanding of the connections between food producers, retailers and consumers.

From field to fork: the value of England’s local food webs
A report from the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE). Presents findings and recommendations from the Mapping Local Food Webs project. The project engaged local volunteers across England to research their local food webs: the links between people who buy, sell, produce and supply food sourced locally.

Mapping Local Food Webs toolkit
This CPRE toolkit provides materials and guidance to help you map your own local food web, showing the connections between producers, retailers and consumers. Mapping your local food web will help to highlight its importance for your local economy, landscape and community.

Mapping Local Food Webs – reports from individual locations
As part of the wider Mapping Local Food Webs project, each location involved produced a report on their own local food networks. The locations included, Birstall, Darlington, Faversham, Haslemere, Hastings, Hexham, Kenilworth, Knutsford, Ledbury, Otley, Sheffield, Shrewsbury and Totnes.