Here are some useful links to Bristol food websites. Providing information, resources and support for sustainable growers and producers in the area.

Bristol Food Network
A Community Interest Company (CIC). Supports, informs and connects individuals, community projects, organisations and businesses who share a vision to transform Bristol into a sustainable food city.

Bristol Good Food Awards
A food award to recognise local food producers, processors and eateries.

Bristol Good Food Charter
Promoted by Bristol Food Policy Council and from which flows a resilient food plan.

Bristol Good Food Plan (pdf download 1.6MB)
A good food plan to inspire and coordinate work across the city.

Bristol Pound
The Bristol Pound is the UK’s first city-wide local currency. The focus is on business to business networking and short supply chains to support the local economy. Lots of food businesses are using it.

Good Bristol – Guide to Good Living
Includes a guide to food enterprises in Bristol. Good Bristol is a website and campaign led by Bristol Green Capital Partnership.

Who Feeds Bristol? (pdf download 11.8MB)
A comprehensive report into Bristol’s food system written by Joy Carey.