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Poco Bristol Ltd

What we do: The food and vibe of Poco is punchy and rustic. Our seasonal menu represents a culmination of our world food travel experiences, rolled into one of the most civilised eating and drinking traditions of the world, tapas! Recipes from our travels… Roasted belly of pork with fennel crackling, homemade Moroccan harissa and our very own chorizo and merguez sausages are all front-runners of our classics menu. During the day we offer a NY style brunch menu alongside a snappy lunch of vibrant super-food salads and sourdough sarnies with home-smoked fish and organic meats. Then in the evenings we kick back and roll out a fresh seasonal selection of tapas served with local wines and natural cocktails. Our tapas has our own British twist as all our fresh meat and seasonal vegetables are generally organic and sourced from just down the road. Sustainable: All our fish is sustainably caught. If its not graded ‘fish to eat’ by MSC then it won’t appear on our menu. We work closely with our well informed and similarly passionate fishmonger allowing us to trace our fish back to where it was caught, the catch method used and even the name of the day boat that landed it. We reduce our waste however we can, through being thrifty with our delicious ingredients, buying less packaging, recycling, upcycling and composting. In fact we’re aiming to reduce our waste to zero. We currently recycle a healthy 95% of the waste we produce and we work on eliminating the remaining 5% every day. We use local suppliers and growers for more than 90% of our fresh ingredients and don’t use a single air freighted product.