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The future of farming? By 2050 we’ll have 2 billion more mouths to feed. This will need to be done with less farmland, degraded soil and in an unstable climate. Indoor farming offers a climate-resilient solution to grow fresh produce consistently and sustainably but until now it has struggled to get off the ground… What are you going to do about it? LettUs Grow has developed innovative software and hardware solutions that combine efficient aeroponic technology with data collection, automation and operational insights for the indoor farming sector. These systems can grow fresh produce without soil, all-year-round and in any environment - from cities to deserts - with minimal impact on the planet. The technology has shown growth rate increases of 70% over hydroponics, uses up to 95% less water and fertiliser than open-field farming and needs no pesticides. An easy-to-use software platform, Ostara, provides data automation, optimisation and business planning tools to farmers, helping to maximise yields while minimising labour and resource use. Is it suitable for me? There are many applications for the technology including urban and traditional farms, food corporations and research centres. For example, LettUs Grow’s technology can be used to diversify traditional farms and provide a reliable, year-round income stream, no matter the weather. Alternatively, farms could be located in the city centre to minimise food miles, keep food fresher for longer and reduce protective packaging. This would cut the carbon footprint of fresh produce while simultaneously slashing both food and packaging waste.