Supporting new entrants to access land is one of the key areas of the work Bristol Food Producers have been working on, and has been identified as a key priority in the Bristol Good Food 2030 action plan. This project will build on previous work to help match new entrants with local land opportunities.

The aim of this role is to identify potential land in the area and try to match it up with local landseekers. We already have a significant list of people looking for land, so this role will focus on establishing relationships with landowners – both from local authorities and other public sector bodies but also private landlords. This may be through following up contacts in public sector organisations, but may also include working with local press and other avenues. 

Building on these relationships, you will run a land matching event in Bristol in April/May 2023, bringing together new entrant landseekers and landowners such as Bristol City Council, other local authorities and public bodies such as the NHS and Universities, and private landowners. This event will allow new entrants to meet directly with the landowners and identify potential land access opportunities, as well as the landowners such as Bristol City Council to understand better the needs of the new entrants.

This role will be supported by the Bristol Food Producers coordinator and board, but will be best suited to someone who can show initiative and work independently. 

The role is offered on a self-employed basis at a remuneration of £175/day, for 24 days work, starting in January 2023 and running til April/May 2023. This is subject to final confirmation of funding.

To see the full job description and how to apply, click here.