Why should I join and what are the benefits?

As a producer you will know that the bottom line is needing to make a sustainable business and income from your product. By working in a collaborative way small food producers can strengthen the viability of their businesses. They can access discounts for bulk purchases, share equipment, reduce their overheads and increase their margins. They can benefit from increased trading potential and opportunities, work together to develop projects or have presence at events and markets. They can enjoy solidarity and a louder voice on important issues relating to food, and the chance to influence policies and decision making. Small producers are busy people focussed on their main aim – producing great food. By linking with other producers they don’t have to go through it all alone, they have a network of people to support them.

In particular, benefits include:

  • Increasing efficiencies for small scale producers through shared resources, infrastructure and logistics
  • Developing new markets and a trusted brand
  • Collaborating through learning
  • Increased local food production through business support and land-matching

What other benefits will I get?

We have negotiated a range of discounts for Members, some short-term, some ongoing and we will continue to develop more. Full details on how to access all the offers are available when you register. Here’s a small sample of those extra benefits: